Digital Marketing

PR is inseparably tied to the digital world. In order to bring your brand, product or service to people’s attention, it is essential to have a good on-line presence. ADFocus Media knows better than anyone how to combine traditional PR with content marketing, social media and SEO. We re-use existing content, such as press releases and articles/opinion pieces, and use these to create nice new content, such as a blog, an infographic, a LinkedIn update, a Facebook post or a letter to the editor of a newspaper.

By creating appealing content we can improve your on-line visibility in relation to specific subjects and reach your target groups on-line. In that way we contribute to the on-line dialogue with your target group. That’s why nearly all of our PR consultants have Google Analytics certification. They know your on-line motivation and can convert that into a PR strategy, content and the right tools.

Social Media Marketing

How often does the topic come up in your organization? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube: tools we’ve got to use. Perhaps you really should grasp the nettle of social media, but let’s not go in off the deep end. They are fantastic channels for engaging with your target group (or potential target group), providing you know which social media channels your target group uses and what sort of content they’re interested in.

We can develop a social media strategy for our clients with monitoring points and targets, and provide the content planning required. Every day, together with our graphic designers, we create Facebook content for clients and manage their Facebook advertising campaigns. In addition, we regularly draft blogs (for B2B and other purposes) that we share via LinkedIn and other channels, and we create local tweets for our clients.


Online visibility is something that is currently high on the agenda of every company. But how do you get to be visible on Google, Yahoo or Bing, and what can you do to stay visible? Google Analytics allows you not only to measure your sales and conversions, you can also see how people access your website and what pathway they take, and how you can make sure they return.

Our consultants and content creators have Google Analytics and Google Ad Words certifications. Together with our SEO and SEA experts, we can create relevant content that fits your company and your target group. We optimize websites and their visibility, improve the website experience by creating relevant content and ensure that your target group can find your company online with web publications

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing

We believe in expertise. So, all of our PR consultants, who spend each day concentrating on your strategy and communications resources to suit, are supported by a team of content creators, people specialized in drafting your message. Whether the subject matter is a press release, a digital newsletter, a blog, video, brochure, photo, infographic or social media post, content only really comes alive if it conveys your message powerfully and inspires your target group to interact